Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning, Wytheville, VA

Enhance your restaurant’s safety and the performance of your exhaust hood system with regular, effective cleaning.

Restaurant Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Wytheville, Virginia

Kitchen grease is incredibly flammable, and with just a single spark, it can ignite quickly. Today, exhaust system fires cause extensive damage not only to the kitchens of many restaurants, but to their roofs and the surrounding areas. Keep your restaurant’s exhaust system clean and well-maintained and protect your kitchen, building, and ongoing business.

Commercial cleaning is one of our many specialties here at Astrid Environmental Services, including restaurant exhaust hood cleaning. Our specific inspection and cleaning process ensures the exhaust system in your restaurant remains in safe working order to prevent grease fires and extend the life of your equipment. Whether you require a first-time clean or need your equipment maintained on a regular schedule, we’re the ones for this essential job.

During the restaurant exhaust hood cleaning process, our professionals use high-pressure, high-temperature water, special grease-cutting agents, and specialty tools to battle the greasy buildup associated with exhaust systems. We begin on your building’s roof with the exhaust fan and make our way down throughout the ductwork, finishing the job with the hood and plenum. Once complete, your exhaust system is fully clean and in compliance with the following requirements:

  • NFPA 96 standard
  • Insurance regulations
  • Fire inspection codes
  • Health inspection regulations
  • All applicable laws

Is your restaurant’s exhaust system a fire hazard? Can you say confidently your exhaust system has been cleaned by properly trained, qualified and certified individuals acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction? Don’t let grease accumulation on your roof minimize the functionality, safety, and performance of this expensive investment – contact us at Astrid Environmental Services today to schedule restaurant exhaust hood cleaning in Wytheville, Virginia.









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