Mold Remediation, Blacksburg, VA

We can apply effective mold remediation measures that will restore your living and working spaces in Blacksburg for regular use.

Mold Remediation in Blacksburg, Virginia

If you have discovered a mold problem at your home or office in Blacksburg, Virginia, you may be tempted to immediately try to tackle it on your own. Unfortunately, this could lead to more mold damage as mold spores are quickly and easily spread from one location to another.

At Astrid Environmental Services, we recommend giving us a call for a mold inspection and mold remediation services any time you discover a mold problem in your living and working spaces. A mold inspection is helpful for determining the extent of the mold damage, and mold remediation will safely and effectively remove the mold without causing it to spread.

Professional Mold Removal Services

When we arrive at your home or office to provide mold remediation services, we do several things to ensure the best outcomes. We’ll start by blocking off the affected areas from other spaces that are unaffected. This way, mold spores cannot travel during the remediation process. Our professionals will also look for the source of the mold problem, such as a leaking pipe or other water damage that provides the moisture-rich environment where mold thrives. Once the moisture control problem is resolved, we can apply effective mold remediation measures that will restore your living and working spaces for regular use.

Why You Should Leave Mold Remediation for Professionals

There is no doubt that you’ll find many well-meaning articles on the internet that will guide you through their version of DIY mold remediation. What they all fail to explain, however, is that while you might safely manage this project on your own, a lot of things could go wrong. Furthermore, most of them are ineffective.

Astrid Environmental Services is equipped to conduct mold remediation safely and effectively. We utilize the latest techniques to contain the mold so it doesn’t spread throughout your property during the removal process. This is something that often happens with DIY methods and the property owner finds out later that they now have multiple locations where mold colonies have grown. We take precautions to keep unaffected areas from becoming affected during our mold remediation process, as our goal is to provide a clean, safe and healthy indoor environment.

Another mistake made by DIYers is not addressing the cause for the mold. Our mold inspection and remediation service provides you with recommendations to fully address the mold issue.

We understand that there is an element of pride involved with tackling projects on your own. However, for your own peace of mind, we recommend calling us and allowing us to perform the mold remediation instead.

It’s important to work with a professional team any time there are mold concerns at hand. Not only do you want to preserve the unaffected areas, but you also want to make sure the mold doesn’t return. At Astrid Environmental Services, we can give you that peace of mind. Call today if you have questions about mold damage or need to schedule mold remediation services with us.

At Astrid Environmental Services, we offer mold remediation services in the following areas:
Virginia: Abingdon, Blacksburg, Bland, Bristol, Chilhowie, Christiansburg, Dublin, Floyd, Galax, Glade Spring, Hillsville, Independence, Lebanon, Marion, Max Meadows, Narrows, Pearisburg, Pembroke, Pulaski, Radford, Richlands, Roanoke, Rural Retreat, Salem, Saltville, Tazewell, and Wytheville.
North Carolina: Mount Airy, Dobson, Pilot Mountain, Elkin, and Sparta.
West Virginia: Princeton and Bluefield.